We offer a very competitive salary to all our employees. Our usual practice is to offer a very high percentage of billing rate to all our contract employees staffed with our clients. Our employees will always be made aware of the billing rate paid by our clients for their consulting services. This ensures transparency between us and our employees. The compensation is offered in form of W2 or 1099 wages depending upon your visa status. Our motto is to keep our employees completely satisfied and happy. Please feel free to ask us a question if you are unclear.



For our in house project(s) development, compensation is determined based on your role on the project. 


If you work for one of our clients, your compensation is based on 80/20 split.

  • Our Contracts and Purchase Orders are completely transparent to all our employees. You will know exactly what the client contract entails and nature of the position.
  • You will be copied on every email communication with the client to maintain transparency.
  • You will earn 80% of client’s billing rate on W2 basis. You will only have to pay your personal income tax from 80% gross earnings.
  • We will take care of Employer taxes, Payroll expenses, Workers Compensation, General Liability and any other insurances required by the clients.
  • We do monthly payroll on every 15th of the month for previous month’s billable hours.
  • You will receive your salary on or before 20th of the month by Direct Deposit.
  • We do not pay employees based on when we get paid from clients. You will receive your salary no matter what every month on dates mentioned above.
  • We will transfer your H1 as soon as you are ready.
  • We will file for your Greencard as soon as you start working for us unlike some other companies who wait for at least a year or more to file for green card.
  • You will also receive regular commissions for referring more people for employment with us.

If you would like to get started or have more questions, email us at or can reach us via text or voice at 248-842-5525